Public Relations

Media Tracking services are designed specifically for media relations professionals, enabling our clients to easily monitor and manage PR campaigns and keep up to date with relevant news. We created our system from the ground up, with many powerful features to improve the work-flow of PR specialists. These features are robust, user-friendly, and help professionals streamline and simplify their media relations efforts. We offer different packaging options that provide value to organizations regardless of size. This flexible approach allows our customers to monitor and generate buzz about organizations from blogs and small local businesses to multinational corporations.

Government/Public Affairs

Media Tracking has been servicing the needs of government agencies, associations, political figures and interest groups, and non-profit organizations for over a decade. We understand the necessity of monitoring influential policymakers, changing sentiment, and new developments in public and political environments. Our media clipping services offered through specialize in accurately and efficiently obtaining information from traditional, social, and online media outlets and providing clients with analysis that enables key organization players to make informed decisions in the constantly changing sphere of public opinion and government action.

Media Tracking Press Release distribution services through provide features that help clients achieve placement of their agendas in front of the community and affect changes in public opinion. Various custom packages allow you to tailor PR campaigns to your specific needs, from small-scale geographically restricted efforts to full-scale nation-wide and global PR campaigns.

Competitive Advantage

Media Tracking keeps your enemies close. Our monitoring services are perfect for maintaining strict oversight on your competitive environment. The amount of information online can sometimes seem overwhelming, but our analysis capabilities enable us to distill vast amounts of raw data into usable information in addition to providing exact locations of mentions in the media. These powerful tools help keep your rivals under surveillance and their actions well-documented and up-to-date, helping key organization drivers stay abreast of vital industry news and events, and enabling your organization to navigate it’s competitive waters with the utmost clarity.

Sales & Business Development

A successful public relations campaign can completely alter the industry standing of an organization. By utilizing the tools that Media Tracking provides, your organization can take advantage of the vast amounts of information available on the internet, simplifying the process of noticing and targeting untapped markets before your competition does. Our monitoring services also make it easy to keep track of occurrences in customers’ industries or organizations, providing opportunities to contact customers and build long-lasting client relationships without constantly resorting to a cold call. Media Tracking’s complete suite of services is a comprehensive Media Relations package that will help you locate and target new business, maintain long-lasting business relationships with current valued customers, and pull ahead of competition in your space.